Here is some information to help you review conditional sentences.

Si prefieres estudiar este tema en castellano (os entiendo, es chungo…) echa un vistazo a:


Let’s start with two easy activities. Kahoots! Remember: I can see the results to these.
1. First conditional (If + present simple + will)
2. Second conditional (If + past simple + would)
3. Mixed first and second conditionals

Now, here are some activities that are a bit more difficult.
Interactive activities: Click here. Make sure to practice “type I” and “type II”.




Writing in English

Sometimes you find a resource that makes you say “YES!” This is one of those resources.

Are you trying to improve your writing skills? Santa Barbara Community College has an absolutely phenomenal website with loads of resources to help you! PLEASE take the time to check out all they have to offer:

I highly recommend that you pay special attention to the “RESOURCES FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS” section.

This would be great for students in the upper levels of ESO, Bachillerato, university or adults in general.

I hope this resource helps you improve your writing skills!


¿Quieres hacer un poco de listening? El BBC tiene una página web muy buena con muchos recursos disponibles. Se llama BBC Learning English y lo puedes encontrar en:

Todos los listening van dirigidos a un alumno de nivel intermedio.

Recomiendo que miras la sección de FEATURES. A mi me gusta mucho la sección de 6 Minute English porque tienen unas lecciones realmente interesantes sobre muchas temas diferentes. Las secciones Lingo Hack y The English We Speak hablan del inglés que puedes oír en la vida cotidiana y en las noticias.

¿Qué opinas de la página? ¿Lo has usado alguna vez? ¿Entiendes poco, algo, mucho o todo?


Songs for Children

Some adults find it difficult to tolerate music written for children. I must admit that I am one of these adults. For this very reason, I get excited when I stumble across something that both my youngest students and I really like! I decided to put on some music the other day while my little ones were working on decorating their Easter eggs. That’s when I stumbled across the Super Simple Songs channel on YouTube.

Without further ado, here’s the blog post I promised:

Classic Children’s Songs:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Skidamarink (“I love you”: good for Valentine’s Day)
The Wheels on the Bus

Animal Vocab:
What Do You Hear?
Wag Your Tail (Awesome for actions, “fast”, “slow”, and imperatives)
Yes, I Can! (Also, “can” and short answers)

Food Vocab:
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? (Great for practicing “Do you like___?” & short answers)

Parts of the Body:
My Teddy Bear (Also great for practicing “has”)

Number Vocab:
Counting Bananas
Ten in the Bed
Count and Move

Color Vocab:
I See Something Blue

Clothing Vocab:
Put on Your Shoes

Winter Vocab:
Little Snowflake
I’m a Little Snowman (Body vocab)

Sweet Dreams

This is just a start! Spend some time on Super Simple Songs’ YouTube page. They have a ton of songs available! They also have loads of free resources available on their website. Check out: Super Simple Learning.

Guys, I’m in love! I hope you enjoy their resources as much as I do!